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Who gives you green energy tariffs?

With so many green suppliers on the market, we've done a handy factcheck for you on all the different energy suppliers and how green they truly are. With switchd you can then exclude suppliers ...

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Which suppliers does Switchd switch to?

At Switchd we try to include every supplier in the market to get you the absolute best deal. The few suppliers we don’t include are listed in the table below and are only not switched to if ...

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What to expect when switching?

Switching can vary between suppliers, but typically they adhere to the Energy Switching Guarantee set up by Energy UK. Part of the Switchd service is that we will keep an eye on your switch to try ...

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What is Eco7 and is it right for me?

Eco7 is short for Economy 7. Economy 7 is where electricity tariffs are offered with a cheaper rate for 7 hours at night but a more expensive rate during the day. Eco7 tariffs are particularly benefic...

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How do MPAN and MPRN numbers work?

When switching your energy supplier there are two golden numbers needed to ensure that the right meter is switched. Especially in cities, MPAN and MPRN numbers are needed to make sure your neighbours ...

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Yorkshire overpaying £684m on energy!

Methodology - analysed each area in Yorkshire for property type (flat, bungalow, terraced, semi-detached, detached) and average saving per property type when taking into account average frequency of ...

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