How To Get The UK’s Lowest Gas Prices

Are you paying too much for your gas? Find out how to cut the cost of heating your home this winter and get lower gas prices.

How To Get The UK's Lowest Gas Prices

Research shows that thousands of people across the UK are paying too much for their gas by remaining on their supplier's standard tariff, instead of switching to a better deal. Switching is really easy, and you still get the same gas, through the same pipes – but you pay less.

Why Change Tariff?

Since the privatisation of energy suppliers in 1990, different companies compete for customers. You can only get the best gas prices by switching regularly. To attract new customers, gas suppliers tend to offer cut-price deals. They also often offer a guaranteed price for a period of time to protect against price rises. When the contract has ended, you might stay on the same price – even if gas prices have fallen in the meantime. You might also move onto the company’s “standard tariff”, and that is nearly always more expensive than that supplier’s best deal – never mind the best deal on the market. Therefore - switching will save you money!

Is there a catch?

Some suppliers have clauses to keep you with them for a certain time, and they rely on their customers staying with them to increase their profit. Most companies now explain in their bill if you are on their best tariff. However, they won’t tell you if you could save money by choosing a different supplier. Beware if you are on a “fixed-term” deal with your current gas supplier. It is common for a penalty charge to be made if you leave more than 30 days before the end of the contract. Some gas suppliers will pay your cancellation charges with your old supplier but do check first as this is not common. Sometimes it may still end up cheaper to switch even after the charges, so do double-check the calculations.

How do I compare gas prices?

You can either call or use the websites of individual suppliers or a comparison service. Comparison website enables you to tariffs that pay them a commission only. The first thing you need to do is get hold of your latest gas bill. Read carefully, and you will find in there the supplier’s estimate of your annual and monthly use. It will be in “kWH”. If you can’t find it, then you can still check prices using your average monthly spend or an estimate based on the size and type of house. Of course, these estimates will not be as accurate as one based on your actual usage.

That sounds a bit complicated - and a bit of a hassle

It can be. To ensure you are always on the best deal it would mean repeatedly checking deals, and remembering to do so. Yet, thanks to our new service you can still get on the cheapest rates and be switched effortlessly:

Switchd automates the process of switching energy tariff. You sign up once, and our custom algorithm checks the market every day. We then switch you securely and hassle-free so you can relax and save. This algorithm is then run every day and will switch you again, without you having to lift a finger, whenever it finds a cheaper rate. Typically we switch you twice a year. This protects you against suppliers increasing their variable tariff rates. When switching there is no interruption in your gas supply. You will receive an email notification of the switch and apart from that, the only thing you’ll notice is less money leaving your bank account!

How hard is changing Gas Supplier?

You will be asked for a meter reading towards the day of the switch, and it will be used to calculate your final bill. You don’t need to tell your old supplier that you are leaving – the new supplier will do that.

A final bill will be calculated by the old supplier which you will get about six weeks after you switch. If you have a balance on your old account they will pay it back. If you owe any money you will have to pay it - so do not cancel your direct debit until the final amount has been settled. You might end up making two payments in the month of your switch so be prepared for that. You will not end up paying more, but suppliers collect payments on different dates, and some take the money in advance; others to settle your account.

What if I have a Smart Meter?

Be aware that the current “first generation” smart meters are not compatible with all gas suppliers. Most only work with the supplier who installed them. This problem is being addressed as part of the second-generation smart meter rollout starting this year.

If you do have a smart meter and your new supplier does not support it you can still switch gas supplier. You will, however,  need to take manual readings by pressing the “9” button on the meter, and the display unit that shows energy consumption will no longer work. Older smart meters will be upgraded or replaced in due course.

Switch and Save on your Gas

If you haven't switched the supplier of your gas in the last 12 months, you are probably paying too much. Try Switchd, and you can sit back with confidence, knowing that our algorithm is working away behind the scenes, so you always get the best gas prices.

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So, what are you waiting for?

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  • Its quick to sign up, then hassle-free thereafter.
  • Auto switching is for those who want to save money, but don’t have the time or patience to keep switching. If you want to save money hassle-free, auto switching may well be for you.
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