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Choose between a free or a paid plan. Energy switching with our paid plan will save you an average £108 more than our free plan. And remember – we don't charge you a penny until we've got you a deal saving you at least £50.

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Talks to us on chat & email

Talk to us on the phone

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We set up Switchd with the mission of getting every household in the UK on the best deal out there, whilst providing excellent customer service.

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Why Switchd?

Switchd is here to make your life easier. Unlike energy comparison sites, we check your energy tariff against the market every single day, and switch you whenever a better deal comes along. And unlike our free competitors, we don't take a commission from energy companies. This means that we'll find you the very best energy deal available, not just the one that pays us the most.

Hassle Free

You need never switch yourself again. We'll switch you every time a better deal comes along.


We don't get commissions or kickbacks from energy suppliers, so we're not influenced by how much they pay.


No jargon, no misleading offers, just the best deal every single time.

How it works

We find you the best deal

Just enter a couple of details about your property and current tariff. We find the best energy deal for you based on these details and tell you how much you'll be saving.

Pick a plan

Choose the plan that suits you. Want to get the best deal? Sign up with one of our paid plans.

Put your feet up

Once you're signed up, we'll switch you to the best energy deal on the market. But we don't stop there - we'll keep checking on a daily basis and switch you whenever a better deal comes along.