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Why Switchd?

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You need never switch yourself again. We’ll switch you every time a better deal comes along.


We don’t get commissions or kickbacks from energy suppliers, so we’re not influenced by how much they pay.


No jargon, no misleading offers, just the best deal every single time.

How it works


We find you the best deal

Just enter a couple of details about your property and current tariff. We find the best energy deal for you based on these details and tell you how much you’ll be saving.

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Choose the plan that suits you. Want to get the best deal? Sign up with one of our paid plans.

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Once you’re signed up, we’ll switch you to the best energy deal on the market. But we don’t stop there - we’ll keep checking on a daily basis and switch you whenever a better deal comes along.


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Automatic supplier switching

Access to all deals on the market

Save more than with a free plan

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6 months FREE

then £1.99/month

Automatic supplier switching

Access to all deals on the market

Save more than with a free plan

Talk to us on chat & email

Talk to us on the phone

Talk to us on WhatsApp

Dedicated support agent

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6 months FREE

then £3.49/month

Automatic supplier switching

Access to all deals on the market

Save more than with a free plan

Talk to us on chat & email

Talk to us on the phone

Talk to us on WhatsApp

Dedicated support agent


6 months FREE

then £4.99/month

Automatic supplier switching

Access to all deals on the market

Save more than with a free plan

Talk to us on chat & email

Talk to us on the phone

Talk to us on WhatsApp

Dedicated support agent

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About Us

We set up Switchd with the mission of getting every household in the UK on the best deal out there, whilst providing excellent customer service.

Llewellyn & Thomas
Co-founders, Switchd

Llewellyn & Thomas (Switchd Co-founders)

The Nationwide member offer

In Nationwide's own words...

Times are challenging for many of us right now. We want to help by making saving money simple.

So, Nationwide have worked with energy switching service, Switchd, to offer our members a free 6-month subscription.

What is Switchd?

Switchd is an energy switching service that makes changing energy providers quick and easy.

How does it work?

Switchd check the whole energy market every day to find the cheapest deals. They check green energy options too. If they find a deal that’s cheaper than the one you’re on, they’ll automatically switch you to it, saving you time and money. On average they’ll switch you every 6 to 9 months.

Why Switchd?

Unlike free energy switching services, Switchd will scan the whole energy market, not just some of it. So, for a small monthly subscription, you gain access to the very best deals and the biggest savings.

Get a 6 months’ free subscription to Switchd

To help you make savings with Switchd, we’re offering Nationwide members free access to any Switchd paid plan for your first 6 months. Paid plans range from £1.99 to £4.99 a month, and you can choose the plan that suits you best.

Check if you're eligible for this offer in the Nationwide Member Offer section of our FAQs.

What happens when the offer ends?

Switchd charge in advance every 6 months. So unless you’ve cancelled, once your 6 months free offer is up, Switchd will charge you your first 6-month payment, according to the plan you’re on at that time. For example, if you’re on their standard £3.49 a month plan, you’ll be charged £20.94 when your free offer period ends, and then every 6 months after that. A free plan is also available, which you can switch to at any point, although this plan will not scan the whole market and therefore you may not save as much as you would on the paid plans.

You can also change your plan, switch to a free one or cancel at any time, but if you’ve just been switched to a new energy deal, you may not be entitled to a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nationwide Member Offer

Why are Nationwide offering this?

Here's what Nationwide had to say on why they're offering this:

"Energy is one of the largest of the household bills, yet over half of the UK are on the most expensive tariff their supplier has to offer***. Switching energy suppliers is time-consuming and frustrating, and using a comparison site could mean that you miss out on some of the best deals out there. Switchd solves this problem by continually checking the market to make sure you’re on the best deal, and automatically switching you whenever you can make an annual saving of more than £50 through switching, which normally happens every 6-9 months."

Why Switchd?

Here's what Nationwide have to say about why they chose us:

"We chose Switchd because they offer an impartial service to their customers. It’s important to us that any service we recommend to you, as a member, has your best interest at heart, and we believe that Switchd does so. Instead of making their money from energy suppliers, they do so in the form of a small monthly subscription, so their sole aim is to get you on the best deal. This is also the reason that we invested in Switchd in 2019."

How does the Nationwide offer differ to Switchd’s open market proposition?

As a Nationwide member, you get any of Switchd’s paid plans free for 6 months

Who is eligible for this offer?

Any Nationwide member. You're a member if you have a current account, mortgage or savings account with Nationwide.

What happens after the 6-month trial?

After 6 months of Switchd membership, you’ll begin paying for whichever plan you chose when you first signed up.

What happens if I close my Nationwide account partway through the trial?

This won’t affect your free trial - you’ll still get your full 6 months.

Will the free membership apply from when I first sign up or after my first switch?

Your 6-month free membership will begin at the point you sign-up. Note that you will not be charged if you don't switch. The service is free for 6 months regardless of whether you switch.

After 6 months you will be charged the monthly subscription tariff you have chosen (unless you have not been switched to a new tariff at that time).

If I cancel within 6 months, will any Switchd charges apply?

No - Switchd won’t charge you anything.

Switching Preferences

Can I opt to switch between green providers only?

Yes. By visiting your dashboard settings, you’ll be able to opt into only switching to green tariffs.

Can I decide to opt out of switching to green tariffs at a later date?

You can always revisit your settings and revise your green preferences, although this won’t change your current tariff, it will apply to your next switch.

Can I choose to never pay exit fees if I don’t want to?

This is also under your dashboard settings. With this setting, it’s important to remember that this won’t mean you are only switching to tariffs that don’t charge exit fees. Rather, this setting means we won’t switch you away until the exit fees are waived.

What do you class as a “Green Tariff”?

There are many ways of defining what a green tariff is. We're pretty strict on it: a green tariff is counted as green if 100% of the electricity is from renewable sources and the gas is either renewable of offset through other activity.

The Switching Process

What do I have to do to ensure a smooth switch?

Essentially, nothing! We take care of all the paperwork and hassle of switching provider. Your payment goes directly to the provider and we take care of that too. All you’ll need to do is provide meter readings so that your final bill from your old supplier is correct, and keep an eye on your emails as we’ll let you know the progress of the switch.

What if I have recently changed supplier?

No worries. Switchd can give you peace of mind that your deal is right for you. We’ll monitor the market and if a better deal is available we’ll make the switch for you. Your 6-month free membership will begin at the point of your first switch.

Exit fees; are they included in the saving calculation?

Yes, the exit fees are always included in the savings. You can set a minimum savings threshold before switching and you can choose to only switch when exit fees aren’t payable if you’d prefer. You’re in control!

What if I don’t want to be switched to the suggested supplier?

You can absolutely personalise your Switchd experience. This is another feature you can find under your advanced settings, in a dropdown at the bottom of the settings page.

Here you can turn suppliers on and off. Remember, you can always cancel a switch in the first 14 days, although we recommend aiming for slightly earlier to take into account weekends!

Is there a chance that I’ll have to pay both the new supplier and my current supplier in the same month?

Yes, there is a chance of this happening.

In the month that you’re switching, your old supplier will generate a final bill to settle any balances outstanding.

At the same time, the new supplier might charge an advance payment before they’ve started supplying you, but this will count as a credit on your account. Overlapping payments are a normal part of the switching process, but rest assured that you won't be charged for the same energy usage twice.

How many times will I switch in a year (on average)?

On average, you’ll switch once or twice a year.

Who cancels the contract with my current supplier?

The new supplier is responsible for letting the old supplier know to cancel the contract. This is done automatically as they apply to take over the supply.

What happens if I owe my existing supplier money?

The existing supplier will let you know in their final bill. It will need to be settled before you can move over to the new supplier, and the switch will be put on pause.

If this isn’t resolved, the switch might not complete. But don’t worry - if that happens, we can simply apply for a new switch once you let us know the bill is paid.

How are payments switched over from one supplier to another?

We will register you with your new supplier with the bank details you have provided. The new supplier will let the old supplier know they are taking over, so you shouldn't need to contact them yourself.

How long will it take (on average) for a switch to be completed?

A switch typically takes an average of 22-28 days to complete.

I just bought a new build – is it going to be harder for me to Switchd?

Not at all! Often with new builds it's actually much easier to save with a switch. Builders will usually register the new build with one of the Big Six suppliers, who will be charging high prices.

Sometimes, there might be issues with certain types of gas supplies on new builds - if this is the case, just get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

How are my energy savings calculated?

If you give us your annual usage figures, we apply them to our database of Ofgem-accredited tariff data to get your annual saving.

If you don't know your usage and ask us to estimate, we use typical usage values provided by Ofgem.

Switchd Membership

Can I list more than 1 property?

Yes. Our handy dashboard is set up to allow you to register all your properties in one place. From there you can access the supplier, tariff and bills for all your properties, as well as being able to submit meter readings.

Can I change my Switchd plan at any time?

Yes, you can do so from your dashboard. The next payment that we charge will be in line with the new plan that you’ve picked.

What happens if I decide to cancel my Switchd account?

You can cancel your membership through your dashboard or by getting in touch with a member of the Switchd team.

We won’t charge you any more membership fees and won’t make any more switches on your behalf, but if you’ve just been switched we may not refund you fully.

How long do I have to subscribe for?

There is no minimum membership length at Switchd - you just pay for your membership in 6-month chunks in advance and if you ever want to leave, you can do so. If you leave within your 6-month trial, we won’t charge you anything.

Why is there a charge?

When we started Switchd, we had a choice as to whether to be a free service (like a comparison site) or a paid service.

Free services may not have a charge, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t cost money. Free services are funded by energy suppliers, so they have to balance getting a good deal for their members against switching them to a deal that will make them money.

This means they won’t switch you to the dozens of suppliers and thousands of energy tariffs that don’t pay a commission.

As a paid service, we are powered by our members, so the only thing we need to consider when we make a switch is whether it’s the best deal for you.

Where/how do I submit my meter readings?

From the moment of your first switch, you can start submitting your meter readings directly to us either via email or in your Switchd dashboard. By submitting through us, you’ll always have an accurate record of your usage no matter who you switch to.

What happens when I move house? Do I need to speak directly to the supplier or do you sort this out for me?

When you’re planning on moving, just click the “Moving Home” button in your dashboard and we’ll set up your new property in our system. We’ll also stop searching for new deals for your old property.

When it hits your move-in date, our system will kick in and find you the best deal for your new place. We also have a few tips you can add to your to-do list outside of Switchd to help this transition:

  1. Let your old supplier know before you move out
  2. Take a final meter reading on the day you move out
  3. Register with the supplier at the new property as you will be liable for any energy you use until you are switched.
What is the difference between the free plan and the plans with a charge?

If you’re on our free plan, we can only switch you to deals that we will make a commission from (like any comparison site or free auto-switcher). This means that you won’t get the best possible deal, and your savings will be quite a bit lower.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can see our terms and conditions here.

Could Switchd’s plans pricing change and how will I be informed?

We don’t currently have any plans to change our pricing. If we do, we will inform you by email!

If I have several properties do I have to pay for more than one subscription?

We are able to sign up multiple properties with one account, you just need to sign them up separately with the same email address and you can then view them all from your Switchd dashboard. We do charge on a per property basis.

What if I have a query or want to make a complaint?

If you have any queries, you can email For complaints, email

Can I join if I live in Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately, we can't currently switch people based in Northern Ireland, as Northern Ireland uses a different energy system than the rest of the UK.

Other Questions

What happens if a supplier goes out of business or ceases to operate?

We horizon scan to understand market movements to ensure we prevent you from being switched to a supplier that is not financially secure. In cases where your energy is supplied by a provider that ceases to operate, Ofgem (the industry’s regulatory body) will ensure that your energy is continually supplied. You will be switched to a supplier, usually one of the big six providers, who will provide your energy at a similar rate to the tariff you were previously on, this will be valid for 6 months. The new provider cannot charge you exit fees.

Once you have been switched to the new supplier that Ofgem organises, Switchd will scan the market and switch you to the best deal in the market according to your preferences. You will receive communications from us so you always know what to expect and Switchd will sort it all out for you.

I just bought a new build – is it going to be harder for me to Switchd?

Not at all! Often with new builds it's actually much easier to save with a switch. Builders will usually register the new build with one of the Big Six suppliers, who will be charging high prices.

Sometimes, there might be issues with certain types of gas supplies on new builds - if this is the case, just get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

I have an oil supply, can I still switch?

Yes, we can still switch your electricity for you. But we don't currently switch oil supply.

Can I set up a Switchd account on behalf of my elderly relatives?

Absolutely. It’s up to you who is registered on the account and the information that is provided to suppliers.

If you want to help out your nearest and dearest, Switchd can be set up with their address and with your details, with their consent. Then you can manage their bills with their online supplier accounts whilst making sure they’re not getting ripped off.

**Eastern supply region is the typical region used for energy comparisons, and the region where Switchd complete the most switches.

***Source: OFGEM: State of the Energy Market 2019, October 2019