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Two Puppy Videos, 2 Weeks Apart. They Grow So Fast

Switchd Roo looking pretty in the new forest

This week we didn’t have Roo in the office for two days and what a difference it made. We were starting to get tetchy, we were irritable, at times annoyed with each other. Sure we didn’t have to bother checking whether she was taking a little pee on next door’s new Mac, but we were all notably more stressed. While she sleeps we smash through work with a smile on our face, while she’s awake…. well how can you ignore that gorgeous face.

To our loyal Switchd followers we thought we’d start publishing two slow-mo videos of Roo each week showing her grow up. The below are at 9 and 11 weeks. In two weeks we’ll send an update so you can watch her grow…


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9 Weeks Old:


11 Weeks Old: