Switchd vs WeFlip

Automated Energy Switching


What is WeFlip?

WeFlip was launched in October 2018 by GoCo Group. In true GoCompare fashion, they’ve opted for a cheeky mascot in the form of an Australian chameleon. Like Switchd, they are an automated energy switching service, although there are a few important differences between us and them.

What does WeFlip do?

As an automated energy switcher, WeFlip search for better energy deals for you and automatically switch you to that deal.

Who owns WeFlip?

WeFlip is owned and run by GoCo Group, which also owns GoCompare and Look After My Bills.

How does WeFlip make money?

As a free service, WeFlip generates revenue by charging your new provider a commission. If you would like further information about the commission that they receive, you can get in touch with them through their site.

How is Switchd different?

We’re different because we charge a small fee (starting at £2.69 per month) and in return, we can switch you to any deal on the market, without relying on commission. The only suppliers that we won't switch you to are those who don't have a sufficiently high Trustpilot rating or have caused issues for customers in the past.

If you would like to find out for yourself who will save you more between us and WeFlip, head to the WeFlip website and get a quote. You can compare this quote to one from our site, and make your own decision! We’re so sure that we can get you a better deal than the one you’re on that we won’t even charge you a penny until you’ve saved over £50 with us.

And if you would like to know more about how Switchd differs from other switching services, you can check out this impartial review from the trusted personal finance site Money To The Masses.

And finally… Who are the actors in the WeFlip advert?

The name of the actress in the WeFlip advert is Naomi Sheldon. From our research, the voice actor for the chameleon is Jake Downes.