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What is Uswitch?

Uswitch is a well-known price comparison service, showing customers prices from a range of services such as broadband, credit cards, loans and home energy.

The are owned by RVU – a firm created by US private equity house Silverlake and US-based publisher Red Ventures. RVU also owns Confused.com and Money.co.uk.

As a comparison site, unlike Switchd, they do not go on looking for a better deal for customers once they have introduced them to a new provider.

How does Uswitch make money?

They make their money by receiving commissions from the providers they switch their customers to.

As a free service, Uswitch highlights the providers who pay a commission back to them, rather than the best deal for the customer.

Since being investigated by the UK government's Energy Select Committee, comparison sites such as Uswitch are now technically prevented from completely hiding providers who don't pay a commission. However, you have to dig around their results to find the cheapest deals and even then, they won't help you switch.

How is Switchd different?

Switchd will not only find you the cheapest deal, but we'll manage the switch for you AND go on looking for a better deal.

We're different because we don't take a commission from energy providers. Instead, we charge a small membership fee (starting at £2.69 a month) and in return, we can switch you to any deal on the market. Switchd can typically save you over £100 more than comparison sites.

See the difference
Based on a 4-bed house using 4,300 kWh electricity, 17,000 kWh gas annually. Comparison run on 28 June 2021.
uSwitch Switchd
Supplier Current Supplier Pure Planet Green
Standing Charge £87.70 £96.00 £80.30
Electricity kW/h £0.19 £0.18 £0.15
Gas kW/h £0.03 £0.03 £0.03
Monthly Direct Debit £130.62 £123.90 £105.70
Annual Saving £80.63 £299.04

If you would like to find out for yourself who will save you more, head to the Uswitch website and get a quote. You can compare this quote to one from our site and make your own decision! We're so sure that we can get you a better deal than the one you're on that we won't even charge you a penny until you've saved over £50 with us.

It's not just about cost savings though. We'll also save you the hassle of switching yourself and going out looking for a new provider every year. We're more We Switch than You Switch!

We also own our own technology that we've built here in the UK, unlike many of our competitors who use third parties to provide their infrastructure. That gives us a saving we can pass on to members like you.

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