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Look After My Bills

What is Look After My Bills (aka LAMB)?

Look After My Bills was launched in January 2018 and, like Switchd, they offer an automated energy switching service. You may have heard about them from their appearance on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

However, they were quickly sold to GoCo Group in 2019 - better known as GoCompare.com (who were recently sold to Future PLC., the owners of Country Life Magazine).

What does Look After My Bills do?

As an automated energy switcher, LAMB search for better energy deals and automatically switch customers to that deal.

How does Look After My Bills make money?

As a free service, Look After My Bills only switch customers to suppliers who will pay them a commission.

Taking commission from energy providers did raise some concerns in the Dragons’ Den:

“Are you not compromised on independence? Because, surely, whoever pays you the most, you know, deal done, isn’t it?”
- Jenny Campbell (investor on Dragons’ Den).

This means that free automated switching services are not necessarily completely on your side, as they are still receiving money from energy suppliers.

How is Switchd different?

We’re different because we don’t take commission from energy providers. Instead, we charge a small membership fee (starting at £2.69 a month) and in return, we can switch you to any deal on the market. Switchd can typically save you over £100 more than comparison sites and the auto-switchers they own like Look After My Bills.

If you would like to find out for yourself who will save you more, head to the Look After My Bills website and get a quote. You can compare this quote to one from our site, and make your own decision! We’re so sure that we can get you a better deal than the one you’re on that we won’t even charge you a penny until you’ve saved over £50 with us.

We also own our own technology that we’ve built here in the UK, unlike many of our competitors who use third parties to provide their infrastructure. That gives us a saving we can pass on to members like you.

Money to the masses review

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