What is Look After My Bills (a.k.a LAMB)?

Look After My Bills was launched in January 2018 and, like Switchd, they offer an automated energy switching service. You may have heard about them from their appearance on the 16th series of the popular BBC show, Dragons’ Den.

What does Look After My Bills do?

As an automated energy switcher, LAMB search for better energy deals for you and automatically switch you to that deal. But they make money by taking a commission from suppliers that are included in their energy price comparisons. This means that they will rarely get you the best deal, as they ignore the thousands of tariffs that don’t offer them a commission. Free auto-switching raised some concerns in the den:

“Are you not compromised on independence? Because, surely, whoever pays you the most, you know, deal done, isn’t it?”
Jenny Campbell (investor on Dragons’ Den).

This means that free automated switching services are not necessarily completely on your side, as they are still receiving money from energy suppliers.

How much does Look After My Bills cost?

Look After My Bills is free to use. However, as they only switch you to a deal that pays them, you’re unlikely to be saving anywhere near what you would save with the best deal on the market.

Why is Switchd better?

Switchd is better because we’re truly on your side. We charge a small fee (starting at £1.99 per month) and in return, we switch you to the best deal possible. On average, spending just over £20 per year with us will save you over £100 more per year than you would be saving with Look After My Bills. We’re so sure that we get you a better deal that we won’t even charge you a penny until you’ve saved over £50 with us

How we calculated the saving

We regularly anonymise our customer information, then run them through our competitors to ensure we are offering the best deal. The results are below. Ready to join Switchd? Click here

Price Comparison Site

Incorrect deal - overpaying £86.

80% of the time, the cheapest deal was not shown. Hidden within the website the best deal was available, but as shown through Flipper's research, 97% of people can't find it.

Free Auto Switching Service

Incorrect deal - overpaying £69.

45% of the time, the cheapest deal was not shown. Since free auto-switchers make money through commissions from suppliers they do not offer the best deal to their customers.

Wrong time - overpaying £81.

20% of the time, a switch was recommended when the new tariff was a more expensive tariff. Price comparison sites want you to switch then and there, so as long as you save over the year they will switch you to the wrong deal.

No switch - overpaying £145.

35% of the time, free auto switchers recommended staying on the current tariff, when a cheaper tariff would have saved money over the remaining duration of their tariff (including exit fees). They do this as need to comply to supplier conditions to earn commission.

Yearly switches - overpaying £31.

Price comparison sites prompt you to visit their website when a deal is coming to an end but they don't suggest earlier or they break their agreements with suppliers. This loses you £31 a year.

Yearly switches - overpaying £27.

Free automated switching services need to comply to supplier conditions, meaning they wait till switches end. This stops them switching regularly. This loses you £27 a year.


Both in agreement that a customer should not switch tariff at that time.


Total loss every year


Total loss every year