Switchd vs AutoSergei

Energy Comparison site


What is AutoSergei?

AutoSergei is an energy price comparison brand offered by Compare the Market. You may have seen their witty ads on TV, parodying the much-hyped presentations that Apple’s Steve Jobs became well-known for. AutoSergei was launched in December 2018 to promote EnergyCheck, the site’s energy price comparison function.

What does AutoSergei do?

AutoSergei is a notification service which checks the prices of various products and services and notifies you of the deals available. AutoSergei is powered by commission from energy suppliers, meaning that it may not show you the cheapest energy tariff if that one will not earn them a commission.

There may be some occasions where they are able to switch you to the cheapest tariff. You can easily check this yourself by clicking "More tariffs" and then "Include the providers we can’t switch you to" on the AutoSergei results page. You can then see which tariffs they will and won't switch you to, and you can make up your own mind from there.

Is AutoSergei automated?

The price checking service that AutoSergei provides is fully automated. The switching process itself does require the customer to start the switch themselves, so this aspect is not automated.

How is Switchd different?

There are a few differences between us and AutoSergei.

Firstly, their service is free, whilst we charge a small fee starting at £2.69 per month. We charge this fee so that we can get you access to any deal on the market, without relying on commission from energy suppliers.

Secondly, we initiate and monitor any switch for you, saving you time.

There are a number of energy suppliers that AutoSergei cannot help you switch to. For these suppliers, you will have to contact the supplier directly, enter your details a second time, view your available tariffs, start your switching process and manage the switching and issues yourself. Switchd will switch you to any supplier that we have approved (you can find suppliers that we do not approve, here).