Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign-up?

To sign up, you’ll just need to give us a little information about you, your property and your current energy use. You’ll get the most accurate savings estimate by giving precise information, so it’s probably easiest to sign up with your annual bill at hand.

Why is there a charge?

There are free plans available, but they will not save as much, as they rely on commissions. Our paid plans are the easiest way to secure the best deals. Besides, you'll only pay if we can save you more than £50.00, See our pricing plans for all the juicy details!

What do I have to do to ensure a smooth switch?

Essentially, nothing! We take care of all the paperwork and hassle of switching provider. Your payment goes directly to the provider and we take care of that too. So, sit back and pour yourself a cup of tea!

Can I sign up to a green tariff?

Of course! Our custom settings include the option of renewable electricity and green tariffs. We’ll monitor the market for the cheapest deals and switch you over once we find the best one. Economical and sustainable, what’s not to love! 

What if I have recently changed supplier?

No worries. Switchd can give you peace of mind that your deal is right for you. We’ll monitor the market and if a better deal is available we’ll make the switch for you. So, sign up and put your mind at ease! You’ll never be charged till we’ve found you a saving of £50.

Can I list more than 1 property?

Yes. Our handy dashboard is set up to allow you to register all your properties in one place. From there you can access the supplier, tariff and bills for all your properties, as well as being able to submit meter readings. You grow the empire, we’ll save the energy!

Exit fees; are they included in the saving calculation?

Yes, we’re smart cookies here at Switchd so the exit fees are always included in the savings. You can set a minimum savings limit before switching and you can choose when to switch, so exit fees are no longer payable. You’re in control!

Will Switchd integrate with my Smart meter?

Sadly some smart meters lose their smart functionality when you switch provider. But meter readings can easily be added via the Switchd dashboard and we'll send you reminders to help keep your bills accurate and your suppliers honest!

Cancelling your account?

Our cancellation process is very simple, just login to your Switchd dashboard and head over to 'User Settings' in the top right corner or you can call us on 0203 322 9773 and we'll cancel your account for you.