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Below we have compiled a list of our competitors. Some have a similar vision to us, being on the customers’ side. We’ll leave you to make up your mind.

We save you

£116 more

than price comparison sites
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We save you

£109 more

than our free competitors
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This is because we switch to the whole market, not just to suppliers who pay a commission.

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Switchd vs comparison sites

You’ve probably heard of some of these big names - they’ve spent a lot of money on advertising to make sure that they’re the first name that you think of when we consider switching. They’re all free, but they make their money through payouts from the energy companies themselves. So how do they stack up against us?

Energy Company Best Deal Every Tariff Fully Automated App Cost
Switchd £1.99/pm
Uswitch Free
MSE Energy Club Free

Switchd vs other auto-switchers

There are a lot of auto-switchers out there… a lot. We’re glad to have some competition – the more switching sites there are, the more people in the UK are getting a better deal. So why choose us? Well, it’s mainly about how we make our money. We are powered by our members, not by energy firms. Our members pay a small monthly fee, and in return we save them an average £109 more than they would with a free auto-switcher. We think that’s a fair deal. See how we stack up below…

Energy Company Best Deal Every Tariff Fully Automated App Cost
Switchd £1.99/pm
Flipper £2.50/pm
Look After My Bills Free
WeFlip Free
MSE Autoswitch Free
Switchcraft Free
The Labrador Free