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British Gas ordered to pay £2...

Energy regulator Ofgem has ordered British Gas to pay customers £2.65 million in refunds and compensation after finding that it has automatically switched customers onto their expensive standard vari... Read More

21st September 2018

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Ofgem introduces energy price-...

A gas and electricity bill price cap of £1,136 a year has been proposed by the regulator, Ofgem for “typical household usage” Although Ofgem’s recommendation to set the energy price cap... Read More

11th September 2018

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Automatic compensation for swi...

Under a new proposal announced by Ofgem in June, suppliers will be required to automatically compensate customers if their switch goes wrong – we think this is great news and are really pleased at t... Read More

26th July 2018

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Smart meters provide smaller s...

A new report by The British Infrastructure Group has revealed that smart gas and electricity meters reduce customer bills by just £11 a month rather than the £26 that was previously predicted. The s... Read More

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06/11/17 – Our roundup of th...

Our roundup of the most interesting energy market stories this week: 1 – Energy cap may not be ready for winter 2018. 2 – Why don’t silver surfers switch their energy 3 – Smart met... Read More

6th November 2017

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30/10/17 – Our roundup of th...

Our roundup of the most interesting energy market stories this week: 1 – Big change in the energy markets promised by head of Ofgem 2- SMETS2 Smart Meters have arrived 3 – London not-for-p... Read More

30th October 2017

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23/10/17 – Our roundup o...

Our roundup of the most interesting energy market stories this week: 1 – Switchers are happy 90% of the time with their switch 2 – 50% of renters have never switched their energy 3 –... Read More

23rd October 2017

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16/10/17 – Our roundup o...

Our roundup of the most interesting energy market stories this week: 1 – Yorkshire the savviest when it comes to switching energy supplier. 2 – Ofgem lining up to introduce next-day switch... Read More

16th October 2017


Roo Is Growing Up

When Roo first arrived she was approximately the same size her head is now. She couldn’t properly control her limbs (or at times her bladder) and would run, drunkenly, around for about 15 minute... Read More

6th October 2017

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3.5 million households already...

Consumers are not taking the price hikes lying down. There have been a number of high-profile energy price rises so far in 2017 and that is probably a large part of the reason for the increase in swit... Read More

14th September 2017

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British Gas prices rise while ...

You’ve probably seen the 12.5% price increase from British Gas in the news this week. This rise is despite the cost of wholesale electricity having fallen 21 per cent since 2014. British Gas bla... Read More

4th August 2017


Two Puppy Videos, 2 Weeks Apar...

This week we didn’t have Roo in the office for two days and what a difference it made. We were starting to get tetchy, we were irritable, at times annoyed with each other. Sure we didn’t h... Read More

21st July 2017

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Energy bills: customer switchi...

It’s great to see that customer switching is at a 6 year high. However this is still only 7.7 million switches per year across the 26 million homes in the UK. Almost every house in the UK should... Read More

23rd June 2017

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Conservatives turn to energy c...

We’re interested to read that the Conservative manifesto has appeared to soften the pledge to introduce an energy cap. As the Telegraph wrote: “The pledge made no mention of the £100 savi... Read More

16th June 2017


Little Roo the Cockapoo

What an amazing month it has been, the birth of our new website and of Roo the Cockapoo. Roo’s breed is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, giving a beautiful and very smart dog. Roo ... Read More

9th June 2017