The Team

Our first mission is to save the UK £1,000,000 on their energy bills whilst providing excellent customer serivce. Drop us a note at team@switchd.co.uk if there is anything we can do to help.


Thomas Rogers


Tom’s family is from Yorkshire but he lives in London with his wife Lucy and dog Roo. A Durham University Economist, Tom loves fixing complex problems and spends hours going over the Switchd algorithm to find the tiniest improvement. When not working, Tom will be found stirring and chopping in the kitchen.


Llewellyn Kinch


Llewellyn comes from Oxford and loves cycling. A professional cyclist for two years, he can still be found racing through London on a Boris bike. A Cambridge University Scientist, Llewellyn ensures there is a seamless transition between providers. When not working on Switchd, Llewellyn loves a good bargain hunt.


Kurt Smith

Head of Customer Experience

Kurt is from the sunny beaches of South Africa. With years of customer service experience across a number of industries, Kurt spends his time ensuring that our customers are happy with the Switchd service. When not working on Switchd Kurt is an avid runner and has a taste for boxing.


Farhan Mannan

Data Security

Farhan is a born and bred Londoner. A tech whizz Farhan is always bamboozling us with a new tech innovation. A Cambridge University Computer Scientist, Farhan keeps our databases secure and our website running. Farhan is also an awesome musician who gigs across London.



Company Dog

By a twist of fate, Roo was born on the official launch of Switchd. She keeps us all smiling and focused on what is important in life. You can follow her story in our blog as she grows. When not sleeping in the office she has a penchant for chewing Llewellyn’s shoes.

Roo's Blog


Roo Is Growing Up

When Roo first arrived she was approximately the same size her head is now. She couldn’t properly control her limbs (or at times her bladder) and would run, drunkenly, around for about 15 minute... Read More

by team@switchd.co.uk, 6th October 2017


Two Puppy Videos, 2 Weeks Apar...

This week we didn’t have Roo in the office for two days and what a difference it made. We were starting to get tetchy, we were irritable, at times annoyed with each other. Sure we didn’t h... Read More

by team@switchd.co.uk, 21st July 2017


Little Roo the Cockapoo

What an amazing month it has been, the birth of our new website and of Roo the Cockapoo. Roo’s breed is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, giving a beautiful and very smart dog. Roo ... Read More

by team@switchd.co.uk, 9th June 2017